Tantric Massages in Barcelona

Receptive Tantric Massages

*Availableat Eixample and Pz. Molina

Sensitive express massages

Relaxing tantric massages applied on a massage table in a unique atmosphere. Ideal for those who have little time, who wish to disconnect from routine and end their day without stress. It is a 30-minute express session that includes lingam massage, a sensory and sensory muscle technique that enhances eroticism.

Sensitive Thai Massage

Erotic massage performed in 4 sessions under the tantric principle of body to body using Japanese tatami. Your erotic masseuse will exert pressure on all the muscles and zones, and Thai stretching techniques are applied to provide you with intense muscle relaxation. It includes lingam massage, a sensory and sensory muscle technique that enhances eroticism.

Sweet Afrodite Massages

Sensual, relaxing massage where your masseuse will perform soft, slow and deep movements using the fingertips and body to body contact. Closeness and caresses performed by means of long movements are fundamental characteristics in this type of sensual massage. Includes lingam massage, a muscular technique that enhances eroticism.

Interactive Tantric Massages

*As acourtesy, all include hammam and divan.
*Available at Eixample and Pz. Molina

Alone Passion Massage

Erotic massage of mutual contact performed under the tantric principle of body to body. Your masseuse will exert pressure of his whole body on yours, implementing tantric and kamasutra postures. It allows the client’s participation and includes lingam massage, a muscular technique that enhances eroticism.

Divan Massage

Deep contact erotic massage performed on a couch, where the masseuses play with different tantric postures. The massage position is semi-sitting which leads to an absolute coupling of bodies. Sensitively applied with varying degrees of pressure in order to enrich the experience of enveloping glides.

Nuru Massage

It is one of the most exciting and erotic tantric massages in our range of services. Your masseuse will use his or her naked body as a gliding tool. A gel called NURU, which in Japanese means slippery and soft, will be used, which contains particular properties that make it a slippery gel. The best Thai tactics will be applied under the framework of relaxing music and atmosphere, providing a high load of eroticism and surprises.

Deluxe natural massage

It is one of our most suggestive tantric massage proposals of our menu of services, it is fully interactive and adaptable to your tastes. Your masseuse will be fully integrated so you will feel your skin in its entirety. Tantric and Kamasutra postures are implemented. Includes lingam massage, a muscular technique that enhances eroticism.

Climax double massage

It is one of the most erotic and interactive of our massage menu. It is performed body to body with the masseuse totally integral. It is set with games of seduction and mischief. Includes double lingam massage and shower with your masseuse.

Carpe Diem Massage

It is the star tantra massage of our menu of services, it includes all the techniques and practices of the previous massages. It’s our all-in-one.

Be part of our Staff!

Tantric Massages in Barcelona

Receiving a tantric massage is one of those experiences that you will never forget in your life. This treatment goes beyond conventional massages, contributing not only to muscle relaxation, but also to your emotional and spiritual well-being.
Reaching a higher state of consciousness through the liberation of sexual energy is an art that few people are able to master. Today, you can discover it by putting yourself in the hands of our professionals.
Alone is the luxury establishment par excellence when you are looking for tantric treatments in Barcelona. Our modern facilities and the intervention of certified masseurs, make each session a particular paradise for the client.
We are at your disposal in the most central district of the city, as well as in Pz. Molina, (and also online).

Tantric massages for couples in Barcelona

There is nothing like enjoying a delicious tantric massage in the company of that special person. This treatment is a powerful aphrodisiac to escape routine and connect with your partner beyond the physical plane.
Thanks to the deep and expert movements that characterize this type of massage, both will explore a world of new sensations, learning to please each other in ways never before imagined. The sensual touch of the technique is a powerful stimulant that will enhance your intimate life, prolonging the pleasure before sexual interaction.
If you are looking for a new activity for couples in Barcelona, Alone may be what you are looking for. Give an exciting twist to your relationship by experiencing the delights of tantric massage in company.

Best Tantric Massage in Barcelona

You can only benefit from the benefits of tantric massage by going to authentic professionals. In order to provide you with a unique experience, we have partnered with the best masseurs in Barcelona. Luxury, comfort and sensuality are all you will find in our cozy facilities.
Alone is characterized by the quality of its treatments, which combine eroticism and ancestral knowledge. We handle a great range of sensual massages, in which we highlight the use of exclusive techniques and materials.
The end result is an out-of-the-ordinary experience, where the intense relaxation of the muscles gives way to an indescribable pleasure, culminating in the satisfaction of body and spirit.

Tantric Massage Center in Barcelona

With its two physical branches, Alone has become a reference point for lovers (and curious) of tantric massage in Barcelona.
What was once an unknown treatment is now at your fingertips. Affordable prices, luxurious facilities and the attentions of a friendly and knowledgeable staff are all we offer to make your visit a memorable one. You even have access to delightful complementary services, such as showers, couches with postures and hammam.
You will not find a more suitable way to get started in our world than with the help of the specialists at Alone.

Tantric erotic massage in Barcelona

More than a fad, tantric massages have become a style for hundreds of people. Once you experience the benefits of the treatment, it is impossible not to get used to the hands of a good masseur.
Body-to-body contact is ideal for restoring the physical, mental and spiritual balance that everyone needs.
More and more people in Barcelona dare to discover the pleasures of tantric massage. In a city as complicated and full of life as ours, it is necessary to disconnect from reality from time to time. Explore the most sensual side of your body, stimulate your mind and pamper your soul with Alone’s services.

Tantric Massage at home Barcelona

Dare to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life by receiving a luxury session at home. The pleasure of tantric massages is not limited to our facilities in the city. Alone comes to your home to provide you with a personalized treatment in the privacy of your own home.
Many clients have opted for this modality due to time and relocation issues.
Tantric massages are a sensual and revealing experience, which you may prefer to experience in a familiar space, before setting foot in our establishment.
We have transportation and experienced masseuses that will attend you at home. Contact us to make an appointment with all the comfort you deserve.

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