Erotic Nuru Massage Barcelona

What is a Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is one of the treatments available at Alone. This treatment comes from ancient Japan, where it remains one of the most popular sensory massages.

Characterized by body-to-body or body-on-body contact, it relies on the sliding of the skin to provide relaxing sensations. The masseuse, completely naked, positions herself on top of the client and proceeds to rub his body in deep, sensual movements.

A vital element is the Nuru gel, a product made from Japanese seaweed that facilitates erotic movements. Unlike other lubricants, this one stands out for its silky and prolonged feel that increases the pleasure of touch.

Erotic Nuru Massage Barcelona

Nuru is a great therapy, which, like traditional tantric massages, aims to achieve an ideal balance between the psyche and the body by releasing sexual energy.

The benefits of this ancient technique go far beyond erotic pleasure. His intimate contact is able to bring each client to a state of absolute relaxation, where they can connect with their emotional and spiritual side. Of course, it is also effective in combating stress and muscle tension.

It has never been so easy to see for yourself the benefits of this ancient technique. With the specialists of Alone, today you can access it in Barcelona.

Best Nuru Massage in Barcelona

Alone is your best option in Barcelona for a sensual and spiritual experience. Our two on-site locations offer the ultimate in erotic massages, including Nuru massage.

Visiting our facilities can be an excellent starting point to improve your physical and mental health. Couples and single clients have found this treatment to be a wonderful state of relaxation, helping them to cope with the problems of everyday life: from muscle tension to stress.

In a city as busy as ours, it is not unusual to find hundreds of people suffering from routine. Dare to try something different by entrusting yourself to the hands of our professional masseuses.

Nuru Massage for Couples in Barcelona

Elevate the pleasure of Nuru massage in the company of your partner and receive an exclusive treatment at Alone. The best experience to enjoy in company!

Receiving a body-to-body treatment can be a great aphrodisiac that will enhance your intimate life. The combination of sensations and positions will stimulate your imagination, taking your sexual complicity to the next level.

Our staff, extensively trained in this ancient technique, has the added specialty of interacting with couples. The touch of your expert hands will establish physical and emotional connections that will make the subsequent sex a sensational memory.

If you want an original couples experience in Barcelona, look no further. Alone is a great alternative to enjoy the delights of Japanese erotic massage.

Nuru Massage Centers

Today more than ever, it is possible to receive a treatment as exclusive as the Nuru massage at a reasonable price and in facilities to match. Our center in Eixample has great amenities that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

The professionalism of our staff is evident every minute of the therapy. We also use high quality organic products, designed to pamper your body and excite both the imagination and the senses.

Awaken your enjoyment in Alone, the reference point in Barcelona to stimulate you with the authentic Nuru massage.

Nuru Massage at home Barcelona

Given the intimacy involved in this treatment, you may prefer to experience it in a familiar environment such as your home. Alone has a home delivery service for customers throughout Barcelona, eager to enjoy new pleasures but with little disposition and/or time to travel.

Both in our facilities and in private residences, our masseurs are trained to provide luxury care, putting the client’s well-being first.

Once you have tried the benefits of the Nuru massage, you can enjoy them again at home as many times as you want or pay us a visit in any of our two branches.

Call our personal phone line or contact us on social networks to make an appointment.

Our center is equipped with all the amenities you need.
In our facilities we offer a pleasant, elegant and discreet environment for you to fully enjoy our tantric services.

We are waiting for you in our center to receive a special Nuru Massage in Barcelona!

Our Erotic Massage Therapists

Our erotic masseuses specialized in tantra will transport you to a unique experience of balance and sexual ecstasy that you have never experienced before.
In her hands you will achieve a level of relaxation and meditation, all thanks to her vast experience in everything related to tantric massage, sexual pleasure and eroticism.

Come to Barcelona Eixample and enjoy the best erotic massage of your life at Alone Tantra Massage Spa!

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Our Center

Calle Calabria, 130, 08015, Barcelona Eixample Izquierdo


How to get there
– Subway: L1 Rocafort, Urgell
– Bus: 41 Calàbria – Gran Via / Parking in front of the bus station
– Located between Diputación and Concell de Cent streets.

Point of reference: Five minutes from Plaza España

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