Massage and Spa

Erotic Massages and Spa for Men

*The Spa is available at Barcelona Pz. Molina

Water Seduction Massage and Spa

Erotic massages ideal for those who wish to experience the purifying and relaxing sensuality immersed in water enjoying a sensitive tantra massage. It begins with a bubble bath where you will be accompanied by your tantric masseuse and ends with a captivating and very delicate massage performed on a Japanese tatami. Delicate touches accompanied by pleasant oils and sensory contact are practiced.

Aphrodite Nudist Massage & Spa

Erotic massages that please your senses playing with sensuality in tantric positions. A suggestive massage that will take you to the total well-being of your body and senses. Recommended for those who want total relaxation from beginning to end.

Carpe Diem Massage and Spa

It is the star tantra massage of our services, it includes all the Thai techniques and practices of the previous massages. It’s our all-in-one.

The therapeutic and relaxing results are unbeatable!

Couples Massage & Spa

*The Spa is available at Barcelona Pz. Molina

Strengthen the confidence of your relationship by implementing the best techniques of couple massage and tantric sex, live a different experience of eroticism improving your communication and intimacy.

We offer different packages that combine erotic massages for couples in our exclusive SPA.

Deluxe Natural Massage and Spa for Couples

Tantra massage where the couple and your masseuse are fully integrated, playing with sensuality, eroticism and tantric positions. This massage is divided into different stages:

It is applied on the floor on a futon (traditional Japanese cotton mattress) with a combination of pressure and sensuality.
The masseuse applies a hydromassage in the jacuzzi combined with pressure, touch and hot water.
The last stage is again on the floor on a futon, here your masseuse will finish with hair, arm, leg, chest and lingam massages.

Kamasutra Massage and Spa

Discover the tantric fusion in couple with kamasutra positions with this exotic and interactive massage of body to body contact with kamasutra positions. Your masseuse will seek your partner’s sensitivity in an interactive and intense way with your whole body.

Recommended for couples who want to get started in tantric sex!

Massages include:

Welcome drink
20 minutes in the jacuzzi
Kamasutra Massage
Enjoying an intimate space after the massage is over

Let’s explore the Tantric Universe together!

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